The AquaEL SET LEDDY MINI 30 model is a unique gift for your child. With its colorful colors, compact size and eco-friendly materials, the aquarium is a wonderful addition to any nursery. The Mini 30 is constructed of durable FLOAT glass with exceptional transparency and good visibility to its interior. It is finished beautifully with a protective bottom frame ensuring safe use. The Turbo Mini filter aerates the water and keeps it crystal clear. Also included in this aquarium is an adorable coloring background that will provide creative fun for you and your child. When purchasing the product, it is necessary to purchase the appropriate heater, as has a diverse range from the same manufacturer.

The main advantages of the model are:

– Smart Open System – convenient opening without splashing water
– opening with lid for feeding fish / shrimps
– frame included
– turbo mini filter with a flow rate of 320 l./h. and with aeration
– creative fun – coloring a ready-made background for pasting on the back wall
– a ready-made colored background based on an illustration by the young artist Anna Yankevich, a second background for coloring
– ecological – the lid and frame are made of recycled materials
– colorful packaging with a comfortable handle – ideal for a gift
– ready-made Aquael lighting holder located in the lid, (the original lighting Aquael Lighting modul Leddy MINI 3W can be purchased additionally)
– available in black or white





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