This is a classic siphon consisting of a long hose, a high flask and additionally equipped with a practical wall cleaner.

The material from which the hose is made is resistant to fractures and perfectly holds its shape.

System “easy start”-instantly starts the water circulation: just place the flask of the cleaner in the aquarium and move it up and down in a few quick movements.

The water will automatically suck in and drain into the container installed under the hose. Thus, there is no need for inconvenient and non-hygienic suction of water with the mouth.

  • Easy 2 in 1 gravel and glass cleaning.
  • Special scraper edge removes algae.
  • Easy to handle.

    Using a gravel & glass cleaner from the aquarium, fish waste, leaf fragments, food residues, dirt and other debris accumulating at the bottom of the aquarium will be removed from the aquarium. It is convenient to observe the process of cleaning the soil, thanks to the transparent flask, and, as necessary, move the siphon to another site of the soil.
    Plastic mesh inside the cleaner hose prevents gravel from sucking. At the same time the device is completely safe for fish.

    The branch end of the hose is equipped with a reinforced plastic nozzle in the form of a glass cleaner.

    With this scraper, you can easily remove the algae growing on the walls of the aquarium, as they are instantly absorbed and removed from the aquarium. When working with a regular scraper, you will additionally have to catch the remains of algae floating throughout the aquarium.






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