AQUAEL Socket Link Duo is a modern aquarium controller with two separately switchable sockets. The special feature is the possibility of control via smartphone app. The electronic two-channel aquarium controller, which is controlled by the mobile application Aquael AQU@RIUM, works with lightings, circulation pump, solenoid valves, sterilizer, heating cable, dosing pumps etc. AQUAEL Socket Link Duo enables the exact on/off switching of any electrical device up to 250 W output, every second. AQUAEL Socket Link Duo is ideal for day & night lighting control and allows automatic switching from day to night operation. The smartphone app allows a wide range of settings and controls.

AQUAEL Socket Link Duo
+ 2-channel socket with control via Smartphone-App
+ precise, second by second switching on/off of each connected device up to 250W
+ sockets for 2-Pin Euro-Plug
+ adjustment of time intervals to a tenth of a second accuracy
+ remote control via the Internet
+ LED power indicator
+ operation of two devices with up to 250W each
+ stable WLAN connection
+ comfortable operation with Smartphone-App


23cm, 25cm, 35cm