CarboMAX Plus

This is a unique filter cartridge , made of high quality active carbon, which has excellent absorption properties. Placed in the filter, it captures water and binds dissolved in it chemical substances. It neutralizes heavy metal ions and chlorine. It absorbs the remains of medicines and other chemical preparations. It also perfectly removes various discolorations (eg caused by wood placed in the aquarium). It has the form of durable, dust-free granules thanks to the carefully developed dust removal technology.

How does CarboMAX Plus work? 
The activated carbon used for the production of CarboMAX Plus has excellent absorption properties, thanks to which it absorbs toxic substances dissolved in it. It neutralizes heavy metal ions and chlorine present in tap water. Removes coloring substances from the water, restoring crystalline purity. It absorbs the remains of medicines and other chemical preparations.

Where and when does CarboMAX Plus work? 
CarboMAX Plus is perfect as a filter bed in canister filters, overflow filters, internal filters with chambers for loose powders (eg TURBOFILTER), as well as in sumps and filter chimneys.
CarboMAX Plus should be used in newly established aquariums to improve the quality and transparency of fresh aquarium water.
One pack of CarboMAX Plus contains two bags of 0.5 l capacity. One CarboMAX Plus bag is recommended for a 150 l tank.

CarboMAX Plus is especially recommended for exhibition tanks, where we want to achieve the right decorative effect in the shortest possible time. It is also used in the case of discoloration of aquarium water and after finishing the treatment of fish using chemical preparations.

How should I use CarboMAX Plus? 
CarboMAX Plus is immediately ready for use and does not require rinsing or any other additional activities. The contents of the packaging should be placed in the filter basket or in the filtration chamber. In order to ensure optimum results, it is recommended to place the CarboMAX Plus cartridge behind the mechanical filtration inserts and behind the biological filtration cartridges.

CarboMAX Plus is recommended for AQUAEL filters: UNIMAX, MIDIKANI 800, MINIKANI 80, MINIKANI 120, ASAP, TURBO and VERSAMAX.

How long does CarboMAX Plus work? 
The operation of the CarboMAX Plus cartridge (sorption) causes it to gradually fill and wear. In order to maintain optimal filtration properties, it should be replaced at least every 4 weeks.