Make travelling with your pet a breeze with the Bracco Travel Pet Carrier.

The primary stand out quality of this crate, apart from the attractive two-tone aesthetic, is that it comes with a number of accessories which are sure to make your life easier when you travel with your pet. It features a storage compartment, a water bowl, a sturdy handle and easy to open spring latch. This size also features slots for attaching a seat belt to keep your dog safe when travelling by car.

The Bracco Pet Carrier will hold pets that weigh up to 12 kg and complies with the current IATA guidelines* making it ideal for transportation by air, sea or land. As well as transporting pets safely, these travel crates can also be used for vet visits, overnight stays or crate training at home. It’s ideal for different type of animals and has plenty of ventilation and interior space to keep your pet comfortable. Made in Italy.

* IATA is the universal standard when it comes to air travel. Before travelling with your pet, contact the airline company to check their conditions and policies for travelling with pets.


Colour: Grey (2 Tone)
Recommended Pet Weight Limit: 12kg
Dimensions (Size 3) : External L 60cm x W 40cm x H 38.5cm
Materials: Premium Quality Plastic & Metal.
Accessories : Storage Drawer, Handle.

Also Available in 3 Larger Sizes ¨C Refer Separate Listing


  • Tough durable travel cratespecifically designed to keep your pet safe when travelling
  • Extra large metal door for easy access
  • Storage compartment to store treats and other essentials
  • Ergonomic shape and integrated handle
  • Complies with IATA guidelines*
  • Easy to open spring-latch
  • Easy to clean with warm soapy water
  • Fresh airflow through ample ventilation openings
  • Ideal for transporting your pet by sea, air or land
  • Delivered non-assembled.
  • Extra safety with the provided seat belt slots
  • Suitable for small to medium dogs & large cats
  • Made in Italy
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