The bold architectural lines of EDGE give way to a unique top-sided viewing experience, which is enhanced with a new LED that is 2 times more powerful than the previous generation.

The Fluval Edge 2.0 with its iconic top-sided view and clean lines is seamlessly embraced by a clean and tidy top, bottom and base which conceals the aquarium’s filtration and lighting.

The Fluval Edge Aquarium comes complete new and improved LED light with 42 single LED’s each having a 120° angle and is 2x brighter than its predecessor. With a colour temperature rating of 6500k simulating natural sunlight the Edge 2.0 lighting is ideal for plant growth. Now with a sleek touch sensitive switch to swap between day and night illumination.

The filtration on the Edge is in the form of a powerful hang on 3 stage filter, with biological, mechanical and chemical filtration media with fully controllable flow rate.

The new designed hood on the Edge aquariums come complete with built-in feeding door and top heat dispersion vents.

The Fluval Edge aquarium in a stunning black gloss finish transforms fishkeeping into an extraordinary visual experience courtesy of a simplistic and uncluttered layout which provides unobstructed viewing and a design which conceals all essential equipment. The cleverly disguised wiring makes it the perfect addition for modern homes and offices

At a Glance: 

Dimensions (Glass Only), (Length x Width x Height) 43cm x 26cm x 44.8cm

Dimensions (Total), (Length x Width x Height) 43cm x 26cm x 58cm

Size: 46 litres

fluval edge 20 46l gloss black 6005722 1600 FLUVAL EDGE 2.0 46L AQUARIUM S...

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