A recipe that improves digestion and promotes growth. This easy-to-digest food contains delicious duck and salmon, and is perfectly suited for sensitive young dogs. Reduces the amount of feces.

From the 6th week of life
A special fiber complex helps regulate digestion
Suitable food for growing dogs up to adulthood
Medium and large growth for athletic breeds
Valuable fatty acids support brain development and trainability
L-carnitine, high-quality protein and taurine support cardiovascular functions and skeletal development
Complete food for growing dogs.

rice, dried poultry protein, poultry fat, dried duck protein, potato protein, dried salmon protein, hydrolyzed poultry protein, sugar beet pulp, lignocellulose, locust bean meal, minerals, yeast, chicory flour, desert tea leaf seed shells, dried New Zealand green mussel (Perna canaliculus) meat


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