Size: 250 ml

For white and light-haired dogs, Beaphar White Dog Shampoo is a mild, pH neutral, specially formulated shampoo. Enriched with green tea extract and Aloe vera, it leaves the coat glossy and soft and helps to maintain its natural white colour, whilst leaving your dog smelling fresh and clean.

Products from the Beaphar Shampoo range are enriched with Aloe vera and combined with an extra active ingredient, like Manuka honey, green tea extract, almond oil or camomile. All the products in the range have a neutral pH and contain 0% parabens and silicons. The bottles are made from 50% sustainable rPET, and are recyclable.

Shampoo Green Tea and Aloe Vera for White Coated Dogs 250ml Shampoo Green Tea and Aloe Ver...

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