YuMOVE Skin & Coat Care Moulting, previously YuDERM Dog, is a premium quality coat and skin supplement that’s full of natural essential Omega 3 and 6 oils. YuMOVE Skin and Coat Care Moulting Dog’s premium cold-pressed Golden Flax and Starflower (Borage) oils help reduce moulting, helps replenish and nourish dry skin, and helps maintains the skin’s barrier.

Active ingredients

  • Golden Flax Omega 3’s from Golden Flax helps your dog’s coat condition and reduces moulting.
  • Borage Oil Specially selected Omega 6 from Borage oil (starflower) aids the natural renewal process, nourishing and helping to replenish your dog’s skin, supporting both skin condition and coat growth.
  • Linoleic Acid Specially selected Omega 6 , Linoleic acid, helps to maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier from within
  • Vitamin E Contains the natural antioxidant, Vitamin E, from natural plant sources to mop up free radicals and support the skin’s defences


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