One of the first challenges that you may face when having a dog is potty training. And, when we speak of potty training your dog, we know that it is essential to have a bathroom spot.

The team at All For Paws is passionate at designing unique products for all your pet’s needs. Their pet lover team is always working hard to come up with only the best products that will satisfy pet’s needs as well as the ever-changing lifestyle of their owners.

Say yes to this All For Paws Go Fresh Dog Pee Pad Holder! This Dog Pee Pad Holder is the perfect training tool! It makes potty time clean and convenient.


  • Pee Pads secured under the grill – avoiding pups playing and destroying them
  • Removeable Pee Post – for dogs to keep their leg on
  • Easy to clean

Size: 63 x 63 x 15 cm

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130,00 ر.ق