Size: XXXL

Let your pets travel in style with our Skudo Iata range. Sturdy ergonomic carrying transport cases for Dogs and Cats. Made of superior plastic, with a lock system & frontal metal gate.

Dimension : 118 x 80 x 88 cm

  • Optimal for large breed dogs.
  • Complies with air travel standards (luggage compartment).
  • Carrying is convenient and reliable.
  • The tray is secured to the body with modern latched locks.
  • The door is equipped with a secure lock, which ensures the safety of your pet while traveling.
  • Thanks to the special legs on the pallet, the position of the animal in the carrier will always be stable, and the bottom of the product will not be scratched.
  • The folding handle allows you to choose a comfortable position, and two additional compartments perfectly accommodate the documents your pet needs.
  • The carrier is easy to disassemble and wash.
  • Additionally, you can purchase wheels that are mounted on the legs for easy transportation.
  • Carrying weight: 15.5 kg.
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